Paul Bremen


Paul Bremen fiddle ©byEla Mergels 2020

Paul Bremen

Violin, Viola, Mandolin, arranger, composer and teacher. 

His main dedication since 2004 has been string ensemble music focussing on groove and improvisation, ranging from Jazz and Modern Classical – most notably with the award-winning string trio DuckTapeTicket – to Bluegrass and Americana, playing  Scottish/American songs with “Ballad of Crows” and Bluegrass with the “Stomping Gents”. 

He also is a member of the Cologne Bluegrass Bash House Band on Fiddle and Mandolin.

His compositions feature a suitably broad mix of genres and approaches, forming the backbone of several albums, as well as incidental music and various arrangements.

For many years, Paul has been teaching in and around Cologne, working with bands as well as Violinists, frequently as a teacher with the Offene Jazzhausschule.