Martin Voogd


Martin Voogd ©byEla Mergels 2020

Martin Voogd

Born in 1963, dutch parents with roots in Indonesia.

After the 2nd World War the Indonesian Dutch (INDO’s) were forced to leave their beloved Indonesia and move to the Netherlands up until the late 50s.

They brought their beloved Rock ‘n’ Roll and Country & Western Music along with them. As a child Martin hears al lot of both.

Mama loves to sing along with the records of Kitty Wells and in the corner is allways Dad’s guitar waiting to be played.

At 19 Martin plays guitar and sings in his 1st Rockabilly Band and soon organises e.g. “the cover of the month” of (current)  popular songs, translated in Dutch, in a youth club. 

Early ninetees the “unplugged” becomes popular and lots of bands had more work than they could handle. In ’96 Martin, a singer and a bassplayer had so much gigs, he had to give up Taxi driving and binding books and eversince has been a full pro musician in different Trio’s, mainly with acoustic instruments, playing hits between the 50s to the 90s. Up untill today he is succesfully touring with Trio “De Swingers”.

From 2000 till 2007 he is Guitarist/Singer in a comedy Duo “Two-Pets” in Dutch it sounds like Taupet.

Since 2012 he is also guitar player and singer in “Stringcaster” who developed a Bluegrass influenced Style with banjo, mandoline, fiddle, guitar, mouthharp and bassfidle. They played international e.g. in Nashville TN for the CMA.

In 2015 he married Pianist/Accordeonist Dorrit Bauerecker and since 2016 the couple lives in Cologne. Here he bumps into the dynamic Bluegrass Scene and finds the musicians for his dream-project “Bluegrass Cash”, founded at the 4th of July (Independence Day) 2019.